Day #47 Airport Sleepfest Photo Challenge


Spring Break has finally arrived and the excitement of new places and adventure awaits me. However, any fellow explorer knows that travel comes with unexpected, and sometimes forced, layovers in undesirable locations.

As this isn’t my first rodeo, I thought I would share some of my advice on how to spend the night in an airport in as much comfort as possible.

Keys to Spending the Night In The Airport

1) Water – everything will be closed so get some for those late night hours
2) Deodorant – no one likes a smelly girl in the morning, or boy for that matter
3) Toothbrush and toothpaste – ditto
4) Airline Blanket – an easy must snag on the previous flight
5) Stupid Head Pillow That Is More Comfortable Than It Looks
6) Secluded Place
7) Outlet to Keep Phone Charged Nearby – nothing is more embarrassing than waking up surrounded by people waiting for a morning plane staring at you while you sleep, so set an alarm
8) Ear Plugs – jazz music and announce still play in the red-eye hours
9) A Change of Clothes
10) Don’t Spend the Night in the Airport

I have failed on #7, #8 and #10 on this trip thus far.

Tomorrow San Francisco!


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